Recent Presentations

Biology and Management of Turf Snow Molds (CGSA-Jan, 2016) Snowmold-2016
Fungal Genome Sequencing & Assembly  China-2014 
Activating Disease Resistance in Turf   Tampa-2013GIS-2015
Publishing in International Journals  China,  2012 Genomics Workshops  China,  2012
Fungal genome sequencing and assembly, 2012   ottawa, guelph, guangzhou, nanning, wuhan, jingzhou, marburg
HZAU seminars  Wuhan, China, July 2011
Turfgrass disease seminars  Faro, Portugal, May 2011
Enhance turfgrass disease resistance  Canadian International Turfgrass Conference, Vancouver, B.C. March 2011
What do we do after PCNB is gone? Ontario Turfgrass Symposium, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. February 2011
Dogwood Anthracnose  Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario; February 2011
Turf in Tough Times  Presented at First Year Diploma Symposium, Nov 27, 2009, Guelph, Ontario
PC1, a novel reduced-risk fungicide  International Turfgrass Research Conference, Santiago, Chile. July 2009
Identification and management of turf diseases in Canada  Canadian Int'l Turf Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 2009
Research on organic compounds to control turf diseases Western Canada Turf Association Ann. Meeting, Victoria, B.C., Feb 2009
Role of fungi in urban & plant systems Western Canada Turfgrass Association Annual Meeting, Victoria, B.C., Feb 2009
HGT between mycorrhizal fungi and plants Plant Canada, Saskatoon, June 2007, and Mycorrhizal Conf, Chuxiong, China, Aug 2007
Biocontrol of turf diseases in Canada Canadian International Turfgrass Conference, Montreal, Quebec, March 2007
How does disease start? The Turf Disease Infection Process WCTA, Victoria, BC, February 2007
Rhizoctonia turf diseases Ontario Turfgrass Symposium, Guelph, Ontario, Feb 2007
Tarspot of Maple in Ontario Landscape Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario, Feb 2007 and IUFRO Foliar Diseases, Sopron, Hungary, May 2007
Turfgrass Fungicides in Canada OTS (Guelph, ON) and CGSA/WCTA (Vancouver, BC) Feb 2006
Age of fungal genes and horizontal gene transfer Plant Canada, Edmonton, AB, June 2005
Turf Disease Research Update Ontario Turfgrass Symposium, Guelph, Ontario, Feb, 2005
Necrotic Ring Spot Ontario Turfgrass Symposium, Guelph, Ontario, Feb, 2005
Turfgrass Fungicides in Canada Prairie East Hort Congress, Winnipeg, Nov. 2004
Unique Fungal Genes Botany Dept. Seminar, Univ. Guelph, October, 2004
Comparative Fungal Genomics American Phytopath. Soc., Aug. 2004    Can. Phytopath Soc. June 2004 version
Research on Daylily Rust, Nursery Growers Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Feb 2003
Snow mold biocontrol NYSTA 2003 and NE-APS 2002

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Research on Snow Mold Fungi
Research on Daylily Rust
Research on Gymnosporangium Rusts of Junipers
Mushrooms of Fairways and Fields
Research on Maple tar spot