31 May 2011 - Turfgrass Disease Seminars by Tom Hsiang

Part 1: Diseases of Cool Season Turfgrasses: Dollar Spot and Microdochium Patch
Cool season turfgrasses present on golf courses include Agrostis stolonifera, Poa annua, Poa pratensis, Lolium perenne, and Festuca arundinacea. These grasses all suffer from fungal diseases, especially under high maintenance conditions. The biology and management of dollar spot and Microdochium patch will be discussed in this session.


Part 2: Climate Change, New Turf Diseases and Alternative Controls 
With the changing climate, new turf diseases are appearing on golf course turf. This session will offer a quick look at some new diseases, and some new methods of managing turfgrass diseases in general.


Part 3: Activating defenses of Turfgrasses Against Diseases 
Among the new methods for managing turf diseases is the stimulation of naturally occurring resistance mechanisms inside the turfgrass plants. Under intensive maintenance systems, these natural mechanisms may be insufficient to guard grasses against disease outbreaks. There are chemicals that have been observed to stimulate the natural resistance pathways in plants. This session will explore the use of such chemicals, and discuss their advantages and possible disadvantages.

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