PLANT DISEASE IMAGES and REPORTS by Dr. Tom Hsiang, University of Guelph

Turgrass Diseases

Ornamental Plant Diseases

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Algae: algae in turf algae in turf
Anthracnose: blight acervuli acervuli basal rot 1999 article 2006 article 2007 survey
Brown patch: brown patch brown patch brown patch hyphae
Dog patch: dog patch dog patch
Dollar spot: patches mycelium hourglass lesion hourglass lesion
Fairy ring: killing ring stimulated ring Windsor Castle fairy ring thatch mycelium
Fusarium patch: fusarium patch fusarium patch article
Grey snow mould: on creeping bentgrass sclerotia sclerotia
Leaf spot: on Kentucky bluegrass on perennial ryegrass on Zoysia
Localized dry spot: localized dry spot localized dry spot
Mushrooms: Lawn mushrooms article & pictures
Necrotic ring spot: necrotic ring spot runner hyphae KB resistance article 2006 article
Pink snow mould: pink snow mould pink snow mould article
Powdery mildew: powdery mildew powdery mildew
Pythium: root rot pythium blight pythium blight oospore on 30 um root
Red thread: red thread red thread
Rust: rust on Kentucky bluegrass rust on perennial ryegrass
Slime mold: slime mould D. Meyer slime mould
Snow molds: diagnosing snow molds biological control snow mold research,  fungicide efficacy (link)   
Take all patch: bowling green take-all patch take-all patch

Summary of fungicide efficacy tests for Turf Diseases in Canada
Link to Vincelli full report on fungicide efficacy
Control of Turfgrass Diseases (Ontario) OMAFRA 384
Integrated Pest Management for Turf, (Ontario) OMAFRA 845
PMRA Product Labels Search Engine or google "PMRA" and "product"
 Tar spot of maple : Presentation1 , Article1
 Boxwood diseases
     Volutella blight: research1, research2
     Box blight: poster1
  Daylily rust: article1, presentation1
  Juniper Rusts (Canadian Plant Disease Survey Report with images)

 Pine needle diseases
 Diplodia blight
 Phomopsis and Kabatina twig blight
 White Pine Blister Rust
 Western Gall Rust 
 Hawthorn Rust
 Botrytis gray mould
 Powdery mildew
 Black leaf spot of elm
 Apple Scab
 Nectria canker/Coral spot
 Black knot
 Fire blight
 Dutch Elm Disease

 Field Guide to Tree Diseases of Ontario (htm) or  PDF (37 Mb, slow)

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